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Let’s talk about Qi, Baby!

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Okay! Let’s about Qi or Vital Energy!

I come from a science background. So I like things explained to me in a language I can appreciate! You know what I mean?

When I first started my studies, all my teachers spoke of the importance of Qi in the use of Acupuncture treatments. The Qi is said to run through the meridians or channels in the body that many of the points I use, fall on.

Qi, when combined with essence and blood and products of the endocrine system(talked about as body fluids) are what allow our body to function as a unit and promote our life activities. They keep the functions of our organs and tissue running properly and support health.

For those who are skeptics about the existence of Qi or vital energy, allow me to share what my most respected teacher told me. “From a young age we learn that all things in the world are made up of atoms of materials from the periodic table. As we grow, we learn they exist in three states; liquid, solid, and vapour. We learn the difference of the states is in the frequency at which the molecules vibrate and bond together. Later in life, we learn that bonds formed of negative and positive ions, are what cause the atoms to bond together to make matter”.

I then looked at him blankly waiting for this high school chemistry lesson to have a point. He then Asked me “well, if all matter is made from atoms bonded together with energetic charges, then does energy exist in the body and the world around us?” CLEARLY, My answer was well, Yes!

So this is how I understand the use of energy in my practice. Now, I see these examples of where energy, or Qi exist all around me. I love the electric feel in the air during a lightening storm, or the subtle warmth and tingling from manipulating needles on patients. I even enjoy reading research like the effect of negative and positive words on water (if you have not read this, give a google search!) So embrace the Qi. No matter what language you use to understand it 💚

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