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Well that’s a kick in the gut

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Have you suffered with bloating, constipation, diarrhea, poor nutrient absorption or even severe illness like IBS? Do you suffer in silence? Well, you probably haven’t needed to!

Digestion is a very important facet of Traditional Chinese medicine. Healing spleen/stomach energy is a common task for an acupuncturist and it is one we do well at!  Digestive health is so important to TCM in fact, that often the first point ever learned about is the STOMACH36 point! It is even referred to as being the one essential point to living a long healthy life in ancient texts.

There is a brain-gut connection that has been difficult for practitioner of western and eastern medicine to fully understand. However as more research comes out and there is more need for help with issues like IBS, our knowledge base is quickly expanding. Even among all of this new information, centuries old TCM techniques are still prevailing for treating digestive health. 

Working on an endocrine level and helping guide the body to produce and release the necessary enzymes and neurotransmitters is the key to Acupuncture’s success. 

Typically a TCM diagnosis will show there is a spleen/stomach deficiency. Unlike most courses of illness, this underlying imbalance prevails across IBS diagnosis’. As I said before, there is a brain axis component to this as well, and in Chinese medicine, the brain (Shen) is represented in the heart and it’s paired small intestine meridian (Hmmmm coincidence?).  Healing these organs is the principle of treatment and allows me to treat the cause of IBS and not just the symptoms 😊.

Digestive health is a special area of expertises and interest for me. I love seeing how life changing taking control of gut health is for my clients, whether they suffer from chronic bloating or severe illness like IBS!

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