• Breannah Slaney

What can Acupuncture treat?

Day 2 of my acupuncture info Series.

Well this one is a loaded one!

The short answer is it is not about what acupuncture can treat and more about who acupuncture can treat, and the answer is ACUPUNCTURE CAN BE USED TO TREAT EVERYONE!

What I mean by this is that Acupuncture works to balance the body systems, I am talking your nervous system, your organs, your endocrine system and everything in between! The way acupuncture treats your ____________ is to restore the optimal health and functional potential of your body. By helping your bodies resolve underlying imbalances, we allow the symptoms (often the thing I am being asked to treat) to start to heal.

In general though, anything is possible! I have treated cancer patients to help ease discomfort during chemo, I have helped a solider with PTSD, I have even had new mommas come to get help with they breastmilk supply.

The possibilities are endless and I see a new problem with a new solution almost everyday I am in my clinic!

So if you are curious is Acupuncture can treat YOU and the symptoms/illness you have, my answer will most likely be a YES.

If you aren’t convinced, why not submit a question and I will answer it LIVE on Wednesday at 7pm.

There will be a great prize up for one lucky attendant.

Best wishes for now,


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