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Healing a woman is the best way we can empower and support them. When a woman feels her best, she shines in every aspect of her life!

Acupuncture for Women's Health

Meet Breannah

BSc   R.Ac  

Hi, my name is Breannah and I am the owner and practitioner behind ACUlove! 

I am a mom of two sweet little boys, and a fierce advocate for women and their health.


I am so grateful to get to work in healthcare and be able to focus on helping women feel their best. I have always wanted to challenge the norms of how women relate to the world around them, and one thing that really bothers me is how women's health is handled.


My educational background is in human sciences and hold a BSc in Psychology from Dalhousie University. I  based most of my 6 years of study there in biology and neurology. Once graduating from Dal, I studied Traditional Chinese medicine for 3 years. Ultimately my goal is to blend my health and medical knowledge of the body with the centuries old methods of TCM. My goal is to provide a truly modern healing experience, with the most effective and comfortable treatment as possible.



What I Specialize In

ACUlove is a women focused practice, specializing in menstrual health, fertility, prenatal, and postpartum care. I also have extensive experience and training for treating babies in their first year of life. I help women improve balance and function in their body so that it shines through every aspect of their life. I am here to change the pattern of learning to live with women’s health symptoms like menstrual pain, bloating, stress, fatigue, ect,. I want to show you that living harmoniously in the female body is possible, and makes us the fierce and special beings that we are!

ACUlove is a gentle acupuncture clinic, using specialized techniques and methods derived from Japanese Acupuncture practice. All treatments are guided by modern medical knowledge blended with Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theory that has persisted for thousands of years. In addition to Acupuncture, I also offers fire cupping (a TCM specialty), gua sha, moxibustion, and Reiki. When treating babies, I have a variety of non-needle options that are effective and comfortable as well.

Regulating Menstruation & reducing PMS 

Reproductive conditions like Endometriosis, PCOS

Fertility &
Preparing for Pregnancy

Prenatal & Postpartum Care

Babies First year (Digestion, Fussiness, Sleeping issues ect) 


Hear what others have to say

Breannah is absolutely amazing at what she does. Super friendly, kind and very knowledgable. She’s helped me come a long way and I think it’s safe to say that going in for my appointments are a highlight of my week. I refer everybody to her and love to see them benefit from her services as much as I have. Her personality is inviting and I always feel so relaxed when I leave. I highly recommend booking with Breannah! ACUlove NB is the best around!

-Kaylee A

Breannah is absolutely incredible. I was quite nervous for the needles.. and she was very patient with me. Everytime I go for a treatment, she makes sure to explain what is happening, she checks up throughout. I always feel very comfortable!

Afterwards, I feel awesome, so relaxed and grounded!! 10/10 would recommend!!

-Natalie V

My experience with acupuncture has been nothing but amazing! When I went for my first appointment I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, little did I know acupuncture was going to change my life for the better! I’ve always struggled with anxiety, acupuncture has help me gain full control! I have a clear mind and I haven’t felt my anxiety take over, to me that is everything! I sleep better, I have more energy and so much more! Also fire cupping, amazing. I always have instant relief! Everyone needs ACUlove in their life !

-Shelby C

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ACUlove is located in Souluma Wellness

535 Main St 




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