Welcome to ACUlove NB. 

ACUlove is an Acupuncture practice in the Greater Moncton area that focuses on Women's health and Pediatric care .


 ACUlove is about helping women improve all aspects of their lives, with a foundation of good health! I want women of all ages to see the beauty and harmony that a healthy female body has to offer. When women feel good in all aspects of their health from the inside to the surface of their skin, they become truly empowered members of our communities.

ACUlove is a gentle acupuncture clinic, using specialized techniques and methods derived from Japanese Acupuncture practice. All treatments are guided by modern medical knowledge blended with Traditional medicine (TM) theory that has persisted for thousands of years. The fundamental principles of TM are most commonly associated to Chinese style Acupuncture. However, they also lay the foundation for a variety of other Acupuncture forms that exist, such as Japanese Acupuncture. While each have their own methods of diagnosis, treatment styles, techniques, teachers and researchers, skilled practitioners can smoothly blend their knowledge to best suit the treatment needs of their patient.


In addition to Acupuncture, ACUlove also offers fire cupping (a TCM specialty), gua sha, supplement, herbal, and aromatherapy recommendations, moxibustion, Qi beauty, and Reiki.


Ready to Book?

Patients are welcome to book, and manage their own appointments through our online booking system found below or call the clinic at 506-386-3650